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Fabrikators is new venture. What started as a tiny annoyance to clean new potatoes has in a few years grown to be one of the most interesting... Want to learn more

  KIMIC I/S (Mbrush)
We met Kim Bager and Michael H. Nielsen during the 2008 Ambiente Trade show in Frankfurt. They were actively looking for partners and manufacturers that could utilize their patent for a magnetic dish washing brush. Luckily for us they hadn’t signed any agreements and we were able to convince them to work with us. The job was not easy. The inclusion of a magnet, stylish design, and unseen durability took its efforts, but now 18 months down the line we are very satisfied with the end result.
  Toddler Company (Toddler cutlery)
The Toddler cutlery is made as a joint venture between two companies. We laid eyes on the award winning design by Josefine Bentzen the first time in late 2008 and were immediately captivated with the meaningful, well thought and beautiful design. It took us approximately 1 year to alter and amend this and establish ways of production. Most people might think that three small plastic parts can’t be that hard to make, but in fact casting thick plastic objects is actually always quite a challenge. But with the help of qualified and experienced manufacturers the products has come out really great. Enough to earn us an award at the 2009 Formland Trade show as “Best new product” More about Toddler here.
  MOEF (Lemonfriend)
The Lemonfriend lemon squeezer is originally an idea we came across when working with MOEF one of our favourite associated companies and friends also situated in the centre of Copenhagen. We were hooked on this small ingenious solution solving a problem we all know to well. Today we offer this fun, fresh and relevant product in a smart and convenient design and more new ideas is already on program together with our good friends from MOEF. More about Lemonfriend here.

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