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Is the Lemonfriend a patented product.

Yes the Lemonfriend has a patent pending.

Can I use the squeezer for lime fruits also ?

Yes, sure the Lemonfriend will work for both lime fruits and oranges.

How do you use the Lemonfriend ?

We suggest you load the squeezers with lemon slices before serving, In that way you make it very easy and comfortable for your guests. Kindly go to the product page to see the instruction video.

Is the Lemonfriend food approved

Yes, sure that materials used for the squeezer are all food approved and made the squeezers are currently made in Denmark.

Can I get my own Lemonfriend with company logo?

Yes – kindly inquire with us about the conditions.

Will the Lemonfriend also prevent seeds from getting into the dish ?

Yes – to a high extent the seeds are retracted in the squeezer.

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