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Winner of Formland 2009


Fabrikators is the proud winner of the Formland Design
award 2009 with the Toddler Täble cutlery.

A new Danish designed children’s cutlery, Toddler Table Cutlery, was named as the winner of the Formland Design Award – Autumn 2009 on Friday morning. Two Copenhagen-based companies, Fabrikators and Toddler Company, have designed the winning product and during the opening of the Formland Fair at MCH Messecenter Herning they were awarded DKK 100,000 as a marketing contribution and an award statuette as the visible proof of the Scandinavian award.

Toddler Table Cutlery is designed by Josefine Bentzen. The designer has placed emphasis on creating cutlery that supports the children’s development of motor skills. The cutlery was designed on the basis of the special way children grasp things. The Scandinavian Award Committee who are responsible for the choice of winner gave the following reasons:

"This is the child's own cutlery. The design is good with a handle that fills the whole hand. The design, combined with an anti-slide material on the handle, means that the child has a good grip on the cutlery, which can quickly help to make eating themselves a good experience. The colours are spot on and the expression is unique. The cutlery is playful, practical and very attractive – it looks good on a well-laid table. And it is also made of environmentally friendly material. A new, obvious idea for a christening present.


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